LHCC Advanced Workshops for 2024

Optimal health = body, mind, emotions and spirit.

How do we help you become optimally healthy? Firstly and foremost are your chiropractic adjustments which get your spine and nervous system up to speed. Secondly, our workshops are designed to revolutionise your life by giving you the tools, the information, the skills and the motivation to maximise your health potential in all parts of your life.


19th June 2024
Superspine! Ten Exercises for Building Spinal Resilience: What makes our spine truly well? Spinal resilience is essential to reaching your maximum spinal strength. What is spinal resilience and why it is absolutely vital when it comes to the spine? Learn the ten most effective advanced back care exercises to keep your spine aligned, strong and functioning at its best.
17th July 2024
Reduce Stress with Easy Meditation: “I never knew how important peace was in my life.” (Participant, one month after workshop.) This is truly a life changing workshop. Strengthen your mind-body healing power with this proven mind-clearing and stress dissolving technique. Learn simple steps to deep meditation and feel the results after being guided through a basic meditation.
21st August 2024
The Ultimate Exercise Workshop. All you need to know about exercise - a unique chiropractic perspective. Learn the three basic kinds of exercise we should all be doing on a regular basis as well as the Ten Key Exercises for the spine and whole body. How much, how long for and how intensively should you exercise? What about the motivation issue? What is High Intensity Training (HIT) exercise, and does it work?
18th Sept 2024
Unleash the Power Within - Healing and the Mind: How do I deal with stress? How do I deal with difficult emotions? What are the qualities of a healthy mind? Your mind, your health and your life are directly connected – and they are connected with your body too. Learn where the real power of mind-body healing lies and how to change your thoughts and feelings to boost your health and wellness sky high!
16th Oct 2024
Strengthen Your Core, Strengthen Your Spine. Get intimate with your core! Knowing your core muscles and exercising them is absolutely vital for a resilient spine. Learn and practice the two methods of activating your core as well as the four simple steps to exercising with your core muscles engaged. Suitable for advanced exercisers and beginners alike.
20th Nov 2024
Breathe Easy - The Breath of Life! Relax in minutes. Learn a breathing practice that will dissolve stress quickly and efficiently. Learn how correct breathing helps your health as well as helping your spine function correctly, and your adjustments hold for longer. Calm your mind and feed your cells with more life-giving oxygen by learning simple tips and advice for better breathing.