Optimal Exercise

Whether exercise is general or specific, slow or fast, we all know that at least some exercise is vital for our body and our overall health.

We all know that exercise benefits our cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal systems, our immune system, our brain function and even wards off psychological conditions such as depression.

Whether you are just starting out, rehabilitating from an injury or needing some fine tuning to your exercise training program, we at LHCC are here to help you to move your best and be healthy.

As with diet, individual bodies and health needs vary. An exercise program needs to be safe and appropriate for your age, body type and current level of fitness and physical ability. You can also over-exercise so having a trained professional such as a chiropractor to give you advice and feedback can be very helpful.

Here at LHCC you can attend both Basic and Advanced Exercise Workshops.

You can watch our Advanced Exercise Workshop video by entering our Client Log-in section.