On A Typical Day

For nearly 20 years individuals and families have been referring their friends and families to our clinic for our special blend of Wellness Chiropractic. They do this because they care for them, and they know that we will care for them too.

On a typical day, a visit to LHCC will leave a newcomer wondering “what’s happening here?”

The energy of our team and the collective group of patient members is palpable – individuals and families who have found a better way to optimal health. Children abound, executives, athletes, tradespeople and the elderly rub shoulders in our family adjusting centre.

All new patients are here for the same reason: they want to get well and stay well for life!

Many were sent by someone who cared enough about them to share with them the chiropractic story and some heard us on the radio or they saw us at a local spinal screening.

During adjustment time the newcomer would observe a smooth flow of people from all walks of life participating in state-of-the-art chiropractic in comfortable and welcoming surroundings.

The atmosphere at LHCC is unique. Children and the elderly sit side by side. Trades-people, professionals, athletes, retirees, all are receiving their adjustments in a dynamic vision of modern chiropractic.