Optimal wellness, epic health and awesome well-being don’t just appear by magic. They are the result of putting specific information into practice on a regular basis.

Apart from our university–based, unique chiropractic training our chiropractic doctors at LHCC are continually sifting through the mountains of available data on health and healing and refining and distilling it into easy-to-follow steps to wellbeing.

The information includes all the techniques, habits and, most importantly, healthy actions that can support your body in holding its adjustments and achieving and keeping optimally healthy.


Many of the skills that we at LHCC feel are important are covered in clinic handouts and in our Advanced Healing Workshops. Video recorded versions of the workshops can be viewed by clicking the links on this page but we recommend that you come along to the workshop so you can ask questions and physically participate in the exercises. (See links below)

Advanced workshops are topic-focussed and information-packed sessions that are intensely practical. In these sessions we give you the knowledge, skills and motivation you need to help you to reach optimal and lasting state of wellbeing. The format of each workshop evolves and changes with time and progress to keep it interesting for all of us but retains the core information, advice and skills that you will benefit from most.