Qualifications and Experience

  • Living in the 21st Century places huge physical, chemical and emotional stresses on our bodies
  • Our friendly staff is dedicated to the goal of helping you and your family maintain a nervous system that is free from interference
  • This allows your body to achieve your full health potential rather than just simply cope with everyday life


What is our training and experience?

Both our chiropractors have the five year university qualifications from what is now the RMIT University in Melbourne (Bundoora campus.)

This is the minimum standard amongst the chiropractic professions. In addition we have over 30 years of experience in multiple practices and a variety of clinical settings in Australia and internationally.

What do we treat or specialise in?

Our experience allows us to treat a huge variety of people with a wide range of health issues from all walks of life.

What about children and the elderly?

Modern technological advancements within chiropractic technique have further enhanced the safety and accuracy of treatment of the very young to the very old.

These gentle adjustments are suitable for the newborn baby or toddler as well as older people that might suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis.