Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain then chiropractic is the logical choice of treatment as chiropractors have been helping people with back pain since it was discovered well over 100 years ago.

Back pain is extremely common – about 80 percent of people are affected at some point in their lifetime. Anyone can get back pain at any age, but it’s more common in people over the age of 35.

To date the evidence has shown that chiropractic for back pain is remarkably safe, effective and cost-efficient.

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Research Quotes

“There is strong evidence that manipulation is more effective than a placebo treatment for chronic low-back pain or than usual care by the general practitioner, bed rest, analgesics and massage.”
– Spine, Van Tulder and Bouter et al. (1997)

The following are excerpts from a few recent studies For Acute Low-Back Problems:
“For patients with acute low-back symptoms without radiculopathy, the scientific evidence suggests spinal manipulation is effective in reducing pain and perhaps speeding recovery within the first month of symptoms.”
– Clinical Practice Guidelines, AHCPR (1994)

“…for the management of low-back pain, chiropractic care is the most effective treatment, and it should be fully integrated into the government’s health care system.”
– The Manga Report (1993)

“…improvement in all patients at three years was about 29% more in those treated by chiropractors than in those treated by the hospitals. The beneficial effect of chiropractic on pain was particularly clear.”
– British Medical Journal, Meade et al. (1995)

“The overwhelming body of evidence” shows that chiropractic management of low-back pain is more cost-effective than medical management, and that “many medical therapies are of questionable validity or are clearly inadequate.”
– The Manga Report (1993)


Patient satisfaction is higher when treated for low back pain by chiropractors than by the established medical community.

The Manga Report (1993)

First contact chiropractic care for common low back conditions costs substantially less than traditional medical treatment and “deserves careful consideration” by managed care executives concerned with controlling health care spending.
– Medical Care, Stano and Smith (1996)