Welcome to Logan Hyperdome Chiropractic Centre

When consulting with any type of health care provider, it is essential that the patient understands what the practitioner specialises in. For example, you may not be aware of the fact that there are several types of chiropractors. Most can be grouped into three categories. It is important that you choose the right practitioner according to your own priorities and health goals. The three main types of chiropractors are described below:

(1) Symptom Relief / Crisis Care Chiropractors:

The primary role of these chiropractors is to relieve pain and or symptoms. Similar in their approach to medical doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and over the counter medications, as soon as the pain and or symptoms are relieved, care is generally ceased. X-rays and other diagnostic tests are rarely performed, and a variety of treatment methods are utilized in the attempt to relieve the patients presenting symptoms. The number of treatments recommended is based largely on the degree of pain/symptoms and the level of insurance coverage.

(2) Maintenance Chiropractors:

This type of chiropractor sees patients until they are out of pain and/or their symptoms have been relieved. They will then usually recommend some type of maintenance care to keep the pain away. The frequency of this treatment greatly differs between practitioners. X-rays are often ordered at the beginning of treatment, though progressive or follow-up x-rays are rarely recommended.

(3) Corrective / Wellness Chiropractors:

Corrective care chiropractors are not only concerned with relieving pain and symptoms but also actually correcting the shape of the spine and improving the function of the central nervous system. Maximizing the health potential of the patient and preventing future conditions are among the many objectives that this type of chiropractor has for the patient. X-rays postural assessment and other important tests are performed to determine the condition of the spine, and the frequency and cost of care is solely based on the severity of each individual case, not on the amount of pain or symptoms present. Beyond correction, these chiropractors will continue to show patients how to achieve greater levels of health and wellness through ongoing lifestyle care.

Our centre specialises in unique CORRECTIVE chiropractic care. We examine patients for a serious condition called VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION which affects the spine and central nervous system. Our goal is to provide our community with exceptional service, education and corrective chiropractic care.

If you do not wish to proceed in our Corrective Centre, please inform a team member immediately..

Today’s Consultation: time required – approximately 1 hour

A short information video followed by a comprehensive health and trauma history, postural assessment, strength and structure test and spinal x-rays if clinically indicated. Initial Consultation & Examination is required to  etermine if you are a chiropractic case at no charge. X-rays if required are $150.00 or will be bulk billed on presentation of your Medicare card. If x-rays are required or if you present with your own x-rays there will be a Chiropractic X-ray and or Computerised Postural Analysis Reading Fee of $47.00, payable at that time. No accounts are held.

Your First Report: time required – approximately 1 hour

The information provided to you before your report is required for all new patients and therefore may be given in a small group. Our doctors will then present you with your personal results and clinical findings in private. The first corrective adjustment will be performed if the doctors are able to accept your case. There is no charge for the Report of Findings. Your  adjustment will be $70.00, payable at that time. No accounts are held.

Your Second Report: time required – approximately 1 hour

Our doctors will present you with the very best recommendations for corrective care, including the most cost-effective programs available. We will give your estimated length of time for recovery and the number and frequency of visits you will need.

We highly recommend and encourage spouses or significant partners to attend this report so that they understand the healing process and can support you better during this time. Legal guardians must attend if under 18 years of age. There is no charge for the recommendations. If you are happy to proceed with our recommendations, your adjustment will be $70.00, payable at that time. No accounts are held.