Four Steps to Perfect Posture

You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their appearance.  But chiropractors can see more than most people. Posture is the window to the spine, so the age-old chiropractic saying goes, and a chiropractor can identify a multitude of problems just by observing a patient’s posture. At LHCC every new patient […]

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Chiro Kids Blog

“Dad can you adjust me? I’m not feeling right.” Our kids knew when they needed an adjustment. Checked as newborns and adjusted when needed from the start, our children had chiropractic check-ups and adjustments throughout their lives. Some people ask us if our kids had perfect spines and perfect health. We wish! The reality was […]

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Sitting is NOT the New Smoking – July 2017

A number of newspaper articles over the past few years have reported that sitting is the new smoking. Meaning that sitting is more dangerous than smoking is and will shorten our life span more quickly than smoking will. The truth is, yes, prolonged sitting can cause severe and debilitating back and neck pain, but the […]

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Some Great Tips for Osteoarthritis Sufferers

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease where the cartilage and soft tissues become inflamed and degenerate. It is most often secondary to trauma that may have occurred years prior to pain and disability. In the spine it is often also due to misaligned vertebrae and poor posture. Here’s a link to a video that can explain […]

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Chronic Back Pain? Help is at Hand

As part of Spinal Health Week 2017 (22-28 May), Dr John and Dr Lawson are raising awareness of chronic back pain and encouraging Loganholme residents and all Australians to seek help. Spinal Health Week is a health initiative of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia and as part of this year’s campaign, Dr John and Dr […]

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Chiropractors – Helping You ‘Back Your Inner Athlete’

Spinal Health Week 2016 runs from 23 to 29 May and this year the chiropractors at LHCC are encouraging you to ‘Back Your Inner Athlete’.

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Medical Research Recommends Chiropractic as First Line of Treatment for Back Pain

The evidence is in and has been for some time.  What we know to be true as chiropractors is the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments for low back (and other spinal) pain. The study was published in the medical journal SPINE, where sufferers of lower back pain all received standard medical care (SMC) and half […]

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Relief and then what?

Back pain is one of the commonest conditions known to man and chiropractic treatment for it is generally considered safe and effective as a treatment.

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Welcome to the LHCC Blog.

In this Blog we are will be sharing interesting topics, articles and useful hints and advice that can help our patients live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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Low Back Pain is Number One Global Disability

One report that needs little or no translating comes from Medscape Medical News

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