At times like this we realise how incredibly precious our health is.

Despite the current physical and other Covid-19 challenges, we are doing everything in our power to make sure we remain here for you and it is ‘adjustments as usual’ at our clinic.

In order to continue to provide a safe environment and safe care to our patients in this rapidly changing environment, we have put in the following changes:

  • Chiropractors to sanitise their hands between each adjustment
  • Chiropractors are to wear protective masks during adjustments
  • Adjustments with close face-to-face proximity will be replaced with alternative techniques
  • The new 1 person per 4 per square metre allows a maximum of 25 people in the clinic at a time as long as we are 1-1.5 metres apart
  • We have spaced out the chairs in our waiting Relaxation Area
  • We are spacing adjustment visit times, especially for older and patients and those with immune or lung conditions, and may need to wait in the report rooms or outside in the carpark for short time until space opens up and you will be called in.
  • Please endeavour to keep to your scheduled appointment time on your calendar.  Having a large number of patients turning up at 5.30pm is now unacceptable
  • We have modified our adjustment techniques to keep maximum distance possible
  • Hand sanitizer is available at check-in as well as the adjustment credenza – please use it for your hands when you arrive at and leave our clinic. We also have handwashing facilities available in the bathrooms at the back of the clinic
  • Our team are cleaning all surfaces regularly throughout the day, including treatment areas, equipment, chairs, door handles and payment terminals.
  • Our adjustment tables and hand-rests are disinfected regularly, and face paper is disposed of after every single use

Before you to come to our clinic

In order to keep all our patients and team members safe, before coming to your appointment please consider:

  1. If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms or are unwell then please stay at home and re-book your appointment when well
  2. If you have recently returned from any overseas travel since midnight on 15 March, then the Australian Government requires you to self-isolate for 14 days. Please contact our clinic to reschedule your appointment until after this time
  3. If you have had contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case, or have been instructed by health authorities to isolate, then please contact our clinic to reschedule your appointment until after this time

What you can do to pro-actively help yourself

You and your family ARE NOT DEFENCELESS! 


The chiropractic lifestyle has always been about optimal function with a healthy nervous system, optimal diet, exercise and health knowledge.  We believe our patients are in a considerably better position to weather this storm as we practice a healthier lifestyle than most people do.

Empower yourself with a few quick reminder tips

  1. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables – for antioxidants, minerals and nutrients such as Vitamin C, D, Zinc and anti-inflammatory Omega 3 Oils
  2. Stay well hydrated – 2 litres of water a day to replenish and help kidney efficiency
  3. Limit your alcohol intake – diverts important energy to the liver and away from the immune system
  4. Wash your hands, keep your distance and don’t touch your face
  5. Reduce your stress level – meditate and breathe slowly and deeply to replace harmful stress chemicals (adrenalin and cortisol) with repairing ones (Growth Hormone and Endorphins)
  6. Get more quality sleep – with 7-8 hours per night your body repairs itself better
  7. Get your body moving – get your regular exercise and adjustments. This isn’t just about fitness; it’s about wellness!

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