Welcome to the LHCC Blog.

In this Blog we are will be sharing interesting topics, articles and useful hints and advice that can help our patients live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.
At LHCC we are always looking for information that will benefit our patients. For those of you who are visitors to our website, LHCC is a clinic that is committed first to rapid pain relief, support in getting well and finally staying well:

  • Quality relief and rehabilitative chiropractic care followed by
  • Comprehensive supportive follow-up advice and exercise programs
  • Teaching you how to stay pain free and live healthier, balanced lives and to
  • Get as well as you want to be!

We deliver this through our website and also a thriving community of like-minded professionals who give workshops and are also available through referral for the majority of your health needs.


Currently education and information on our activities is available through:

  • This Website.
  • Clinic whiteboard.
  • Newsletters and Handouts with articles, testimonials and house-keeping information
  • Advanced Workshops where we get to delve deeply into hints, skills, techniques and tools across a wide range of healthy practices from nutrition and exercise to stress reducing meditation and breathing practices (non-patients are welcome.)
  • Long Consultations (chiropractic, personal training exercise and nutritional and life coaching) that allow one-on-one attention for specific health needs.


If you are a patient then you can enter our client or member-only log-in section to access recorded video of a variety of our workshops and related handouts as well as other information specifically designed and helpful for our patients use.


If you are not yet a patient and want to check us out then please call for a complementary consultation so we can discuss your issues and determine whether yours is a chiropractic case and if we can help you. Alternatively click here