Relief and then what?

Untitled-5Back pain is one of the commonest conditions known to man and chiropractic treatment for it is generally considered safe and effective as a treatment. (see

After the pain has gone, however, does this mean that the problem is ‘fixed’ and never to return? Sadly the answer is no.

Like an ankle that has been sprained more than once, if not rehabilitated properly and thoroughly, then the sufferer can be left with a recurrent problem. Chiropractic adjustments are literally the backbone of any spinal rehabilitation program. But more is required.

For this reason LHCC has developed the Four Pillars of Health.

  1. Healthy spine and Nervous System
  2. Optimal Nutrition
  3. Regular and varied Exercise and
  4. Specific Health Knowledge

Untitled-3Being pain-free does not mean that one has a strong and healthy spine. Far from it, pain is just one symptom, one kind of warning sign that indicates that a spine is weakened and vulnerable in some way.

Instead of ignoring the red flashing warning sign (“I thought it would go away”) or worse choosing a habit of covering up pain with medication (a cultural denial or herd mentality that does not serve us any more) we need to take personal responsibility for our healing.

Once the pain has gone then the journey to wellness can begin and the transition through rehabilitation and health education to a place of optimal and vibrant well-being can benefit all patients with a willingness and desire to stay pain-free and, even more-so, to positively thrive.