Preventive Chiropractic and Wellness Living – Safe and Natural

The Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle is focussed on wellness thinking and preventive care rather than traditional relief-thinking and illness-care.

For a long time now the normal response to illness or health issues has been to treat the symptoms – the aches, the pains and worse. It seems there is always a new miracle drug coming out that lets us treat the symptom but ignore the cause. This allows us to carry on harming our body through unhealthy lifestyle habits.


How has this relief-based thinking become the accepted normal?

Think about it, if there was a fire in your house or business and the firemen arrived and successfully disconnected the noisy fire alarm and then went home leaving the fire burning… well, you might be a tad disappointed!


Dangerous drugs!

There is a massive long-term dependence on various drugs like Panadol, Nexium, Aspirin and Statins. The serious complications of long-term prescription drugs like Vioxx, Zantac, HRT, and now Opioids are casting  doubt on the safety of prescribed drugs.  As a result, people are starting to explore how to get their health back safely and naturally.


Many people are looking for alternatives.


More and more people than ever are turning to whole-person centred professions.  Their healthy-living philosophies prevent and treat illnesses like back and neck pain, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and diabetes.

Chiropractic 250 times safer than anti-inflammatory drugs!

In the treatment of neck and back pain, studies have shown that a course of chiropractic care was 250 times safer than a course of anti-inflammatory drugs. A healthy spine allows healthy nerve function, better co-ordination and pain-free living.



The chiropractic wellness lifestyle.


The chiropractic wellness lifestyle is about restoring and keeping the body at its best so it can work optimally and avoid many lifestyle diseases.

A healthy balanced whole-foods diet and two litres of water a day provide the body with most of the nutrients, enzymes and molecules it needs to function and stay well and strong.  Sometimes supplements are needed.

Regular and varied exercise (stretching, strengthening and aerobic) have so many proven benefits that the list would fill this page and much more!

If we add mindfulness and breathing practice for our mental health, then we have all the major elements of a powerfully healing wellness lifestyle.


This is the LHCC Chiropractic Lifestyle. Focus shifts from relief-thinking and illness-care to healthy thinking and wellness living.


Optimal health doesn’t happen by luck. It is earned by looking for natural and healthy answers, making wise choices and persisting with health-sustaining habits through positive self-discipline.

Today, we have the luxury of choice. LHCC chiropractic and the wellness living is both safe and natural.  A powerful combination!