Medical Research Recommends Chiropractic as First Line of Treatment for Back Pain

The evidence is in and has been for some time.  What we know to be true as chiropractors is the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments for low back (and other spinal) pain.

The study was published in the medical journal SPINE, where sufferers of lower back pain all received standard medical care (SMC) and half of the participants additionally received chiropractic care. The researchers found that in SMC plus chiropractic care patients, “73% reported that their global improvement as pain completely gone or much better after treatment.“ Adding Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy to Standard Medical Care Patients with Acute Low Back Pain.” SPINE Vol. 30, Number 8, pp. 627-634. 2013.

We hope that these findings along with plenty of other existing and supportive research will spread out there to the world and help those who need it most, especially those who have been waiting until it is ‘proven and accepted’.  Thankfully it is already well accepted by a large growing number in most of the academic and scientific community worldwide!